• Phu Thap Boek
    • Phu ThapBoek Mountain will be 1768-meter altitude, it is the highest point of the Phetchabun mountain in Thailand. This should be where Hmong live in the mountain covered the forest, some slopes land has been opened for agricultural use. Due to the topographical factors, here you can always enjoy the beautiful seas of cloud which will appear more frequent during the rainy season.​
  • Ayutthaya Ancient City
    • Ayutthaya Ancient City which means “City of Forever Victory”, it is the ancient capital of the ancient Ayutthaya dynasty in Thailand. Here you can experience the authenticity of Thai Kingdom from the past.
  • Phra Prang Sam Yot 
    • Is Lopburi’s best known landmark and one of its oldest. It is one of several monuments that date back to the Khmer era. The monument in the center of Lopburi town is perhaps best known for the large number of monkeys that run around free, constantly on the lookout for food. It also translates to “three holy prangs” is featured on the provincial seal of Lopburi which depicts Vishnu in front of the monuments’s three prangs.
  • Tanrak Talaymok 
    • Have a picturesque landscape, at here you can experience the cool temperature and also might have the chance to see the sea cloud which will turn the landscape into paradise view.
  • Wat Prathat Phasornkaew
    • Also called Phra That Pha Kaew Temple, hidden in the mountain top which famous for it’s 5 Buddha statues. This temple is decorated with various colors of glass, tiles and mosaics design which forms the uniqueness of the temple.


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