• Four Face Buddha
    • The official name is Erawan Shrine. It is a Hindu shrine in Bangkok. That houses a statue of Phara Phrom. The Thai representation of the Hindu creation god Brahma. A popular tourist attraction, it often features performances by resident Thai dance troupes, who are hired by worshipers in return for seeing their prayers at the shrine answered.
  • Maeklong Railway Market
    • one of the Seven Wonders of Thailand. This is a unique market that is held every day literally on the rail tracks. Just before the train arrivals, the market stallholders have to pull back their awnings and remove their produce from the tracks. They then have to repeat all of this when train returns.(Remark: train arrival scheduled is subject to the change without prior notice)
  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
    • One of the most famous floating markets in Thailand. This buzzing market is routinely crowded with hundreds of vendors and purchasers floating in their small rowing boats selling and buying or exchanging their‘s colourful, noisy, touristy but great fun.
  • Wat Bang Kung Temple
    • Is famous for the small chapel that is completely enclosed within the roots of a banyan tree called Bot Prok Po. It is almost like the tree itself is the pillars of the temple and that without the roots the chapel would fall down.
  • Asiatique Night Market 
    • there is an expansive open-air mall with river views and cutting-edge festival market and living museum” concept. fusing shopping, dining, culture and colonial-style architecture,it offers a pleasant experience for those is search of style and sophistication.

Hua Hin

  • Swiss Sheep Farm
    • in place of the ancient dream of those who seek it.Come in contact with the atmosphere of a farm in a valley surrounded by the love that surrounds you with warmth, style European country.Farms that will take you time to dream again.
  • Santorini Park
    • Brings a slice of the picture-perfect Gree Island to Cha-Am. It’s got all the details right, from Classic whitewashed buildings,colorfully painted windows,down to stone-paved paths and domed towers.
  • The Venezia Hua Hin 
    • is the newest theme shopping and attraction village in Hua Hin.
  • Plearnwan Vintage Village
    • Thailand’s first eco vintage was built in late 2009 to recapture to recapture the classic charm of old Hua Hin. Plearn means enjoy and wan refers to yesteryear in Thai language. It is described as a “Center of enjoy and happiness”.
  • Huay Mongkol Temple (Luang Phor Thuad) 
    • This Buddhist temple has the world’s largest statue of Luang Phor Thuad a legendary southern Thai Monk revered for his enlightenment and ability to perform miracles. Many believe that the amulets created in his image guarantee safety in times of distress.
  • Hua Hin Railway Station
    • is one of the country’s most beautiful train stations marked by its meticulous details in architecture.
  • Hua Hin Hills Vineyard 
    • built on a former elephant corral, a sublime place where wild Asian elephants were domes dictated.The terrain, comprising mostly of loamy-sand and slate,is conducive to the cultivation of grapes providing the seaside resort town of Hua Hin with its first boutique vineyard.
  • Hua Hin Night Market
    • is a fascinating insight into Thailand’s way of life. You will find countless outlets and stands selling delicious food which is freshly cooked and served to you within a matter of minutes. Do also take a look behind the stalls on the pavements, because there are plenty of restaurants there as well. Other than the food, you’ll discover an overwhelming variety of local handicrafts. souvenirs and clothing on sale.


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