The word “Orou” in the Murut language means “The Sun”. Orou Sapulot was established with the vision to help the economic development of the villagers primarily in Sapulot and its surrounding areas.

Orou Sapulot also endeavors to expose and educate people from all around the world on the importance of nature to mankind as well as the importance to conserve it for future generations.

The concept of this tour is based on providing our guests a chance to time travel back to nature living but with sufficient amenities for comfort stay. Not only one is able to indulge in the beauty of the natural environment to the fullest, but also able to experience the other wonders and activities offered within the area.

Main Attractions

The Legendary Dragon Cave
Just a stone throw away from the Pungiton Eco-Camp, this cave is easily accessible. Consisting of multi-level caverns, each level has its distinctive name, based on their characteristic; such as stream cave, marble cave, waterfall cave and etc. Various species of fauna could also be found on the different levels of the caves.

Batu Punggul
Standing tall and strong along Sapulot River lies the mystical Batu Punggul, a limestone outcrop that measures approximately 200 meters in height. To reach the peak, once must trek through the jungle then climb up, and the view from atop is simply worth the effort.

Hidden Waterfalls
There are many waterfalls, big and small, scattered and some hidden, in the tropical rainforest that makes this place a paradise. These are the natural spas, handcrafted by mother earth as gifts to visitors to the area.

White Water Rapids
Visitors to the area also have the chance to experience the exciting yet safe wooden boat ride on sections of Sapulot River, whereby river rapids making it a heart pounding journey with a great adrenaline rush!